How Much Does it Cost for a Personal Injury Attorney Paper

You have a lot of worries after a personal injury accident. Some of those worries are likely financial concerns. You have to continue to pay your bills, with the added stress of additional medical bills, and you may be unable to work. The thought of adding hourly attorney fees to your stack of bills is likely overwhelming.

We Don’t Charge Personal Injury Clients Hourly Fees

Instead, we want to make sure that everyone who is hurt in a Clay County, Platte County, Clinton County, or Jackson County accident gets the recovery they deserve.

Therefore, we proudly offer:

  • Free consultations. We offer free, no-obligation initial meetings so that we can learn about your possible case, and you can learn about your legal rights and potential compensation.
  • Contingency fee arrangements. Instead of paying us an hourly fee, we will be paid an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement or court recovery. If you do not recover damages, then we do not get paid. This provides you with a risk-free way to hire a lawyer to represent you and fight for your full compensation.

We offer free consultations and contingency fee arrangements for people hurt in incidents, such as:

Our goal is to make sure that you are treated fairly after an accident changes your life and leaves you hurt. We want you to get back to the way your life was before the accident as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Take the first step in your recovery and contact us to set up your free initial meeting. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to get you the fair recovery that you deserve.